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More than 10,000,000+ is playing this app/game right now. Download Tap Titans 2 MOD APK and start playing the ultimate sword battling game. It will give you immense gaming pleasure under the fighting games category.

As the players progress through the higher stages, allowing your overpowered Heroes on the stage to beat up Titans won’t be acceptable anymore. Modifiers such as Artifacts, Pets, Equipment, and the Skill Tree will play a major role in making sure that you can kill any boss you want. However, players that are just starting out might not know which Skill Tree they might want to commit to. Added functionality to handle the new heroes auto-buy feature in game, a new configuration is available that will skip hero leveling if auto-buy is on in game when the hero panel is reached.

Download Tap Titans 2 V3 1.0 (mod, Unlimited Money)

Once you defeat a clan boss, your clan damage multiplier and Advanced Start level will increase and a new boss will spawn after 6 hours. The Clan damage multiplier gives you a bonus to all damage which is quite significant, but a high Advanced Start level is even stronger. It’s important to help kill the clan bosses as much as you can. Not only does it change the look of your character, but you also receive bonuses for various damage sources based on what type they are. The equipment will scale according to your Max Stage you have reached. Equipment drops as soon as you beat the stage 15 boss, then every 20 stages after.

  • You can feel your progress by increasing your strength and going through difficult levels.
  • If these are the same item then count yourself lucky.
  • It is advised to apply at a time when the boss has several bare bones.Whip of Lightning – Tier 2.Explosion Map.
  • Equipment drops as soon as you beat the stage 15 boss, then every 20 stages after.
  • Sometimes I publish guides and tips from other players.
  • Open the download folder in the File manager and find the distribution you are installing there.

Feel free to discuss in the comments about this, I’d love to hear what your experiences with your builds have been. Relics are the primary progression currency in Tap Titans Tap Titans 2 2. Sure pets can help you progress but you can’t actually choose which pets you get from eggs. Call it cheap or a cheat, but a lot of people restart their progress unless they get the ideal artifact in idle games. This is because it’s relatively easy to get the first few artifacts than it is to progress and hope that RNG is on your side.

Download Tap Titans 2 V3 7.1 (mod, Unlimited Coins)

Multi-spawn is great for both pushing and farming since it helps you get to the bosses sooner if your damage has dropped to only killing 1 titan rather than splashing 4x with CO. The biggest factor is that it increass your damage whilst increasing gold gain. It upgrades a fair number of things but in doing so it’s effect is very minimal in regards to what you actually want to get. For TI though, I warn you to avoid it unless until you’re above 200 SP.

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