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It started out that my mom had pain in her shoulder and back. It was bothering her for awhile, but she thought she was just having an arthritis flare and was hesitant about seeing a doctor. A brief history of my mom, she has had numerous stomach surgeries over the years due to ulcers, and she has no spleen. These surgeries all took place at the hospital where she is, and actually the hospital I was born in. So we get to the ER and they did some tests and the nurse immediately states that based on what he saw, although he is not a doctor suggested sepsis and a blood clot.

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According to Penn State Extension, damp burlap bag can provide an ideal dark, cool area for snakes to nest. Once the snake has curled up Download Snake vs City APK for Android in the bag, you can remove the snake from your home. Shovels or tongs are common tools to help remove the snake. Approaching the snake puts you at risk of danger and therefore is not advised.

  • I know they cannot operates without majority belief, but I never intend to become normal.
  • We met with a doctor who wasted our time for nearly 2 hours only for the doctor to prescribe my mom, a woman in chronic pain, MOTRIN.
  • My daughter lives in Japan, and she adores the medical system there.
  • Better yet, mice will be less likely to invade your yard as well.
  • We were on the raft that saw 4 moose, 5+ eagles, and a bunch of other animals.
  • We can spend as much time online as we want researching symptoms and treatments.
  • All they are looking for is a fun in their leisure time.

The blades of your grass shouldn’t be arching over enough where a tunnel is created, and it would be difficult to notice a snake slithering through. This is the perfect place for snakes to hide from predators through camouflage, sneak up on prey like mice, and even make themselves at home in your yard. Tallgrass is also the reason you might not know you have snakes in your yard until you finally get bit by one. If mice and other rodents were truly the cause of your snake infestation, you should begin to notice a lower population of snakes once you handle the mouse issue. This can completely remove the main food source for snakes.

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Sadly, I suffered an internal spinal collapse and spinal cord injury. An internal collapse not caused from trauma is very rare because any decent doctor would listen to your history and complaints and run an appropriate test. Not the case with the dozen plus doctors I saw before this happened. My experience with doctors are as explained above with many other comments.

However, I’ve had a nagging, non-life-threatening problem and have gone to several urologists and feel like each one was trying to rush me through the door. I’m planning to go abroad for medical checkups, etc while on vacation because I feel the quality of medical care is better than the United States. Now I understand what forces might be responsible for this and thanks for the article. I’m always curious to know the other side to a story. I think the lack of widespread attention for doctors and other health professionals to care for their emotional well-being contributes, and professionals just get burnt out or compassion fatigue.

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