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You can bring a builder down from your mid-point, 13/9. The nine-point is a great location for a builder because it works so well with your checkers on the eight-point and six-point to make new points. And the nine-point is a good blocking point, so if you roll another 4 next turn you can simply cover this blot. The downside of 13/9 is that your blot on the nine-point might be hit , sending that checker back 16 spaces.

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  • These are small Android apps that are easy to use and takes up very little memory on your device.
  • A player cannot move his checkers into a point that has two or more of the opponent’s checkers on it because that point is temporarily «claimed» by the opponent.
  • The cubes that are upside down are for the top player, the ones rightside up are for the bottom player, and if you wish to set the cube in the center, choose the ones facing sideward.
  • Will I still be able to play Flash games in the future?

When playing free backgammon games, for a realistic feel, you should try to find games that use 3 dimensional graphics. 2D games may work well, but the interface is far less realistic. In addition, the software should be user-friendly and simple to navigate around. Free backgammon programs that can be downloaded onto your computer generally work faster and are easier to use. At chat feature may give you the assistance you need or make the game more realistic for you. Ignoring checker positions in the backgammon bear-off phase often leads to game losses even if a player’s ahead in the count.

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To perform a hit, you must land on a blot containing only one of your opponent’s checker pieces. Once you land on the point, you can remove your opponent’s checker and place it on the bar. Like chess and other brain games, backgammon is worth all the effort. Pitting your tactics against each platform’s best players is thrilling, but you also get to join a global community of fun-loving tacticians.

Interestingly enough, only a small percentage of them know what a double cube is and how to use it. visit this site If you fit in this category and have never understood what the doubling cube is, fear not. We will go over the history of the cube, how to use it and some strategies that will help you get an advantage over your opponents. In return, you will become a better backgammon player immediately. Instead of trying to get home, build a wall along the board. This is a defensive move that allows you to land on your opponent’s checkers and send them to the bar.

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If you have checkers on every gate and you roll 6-1, it means you can take one checker out from the 6th point and one checker out from the 1st point. To do so, you have to take checkers out according to the numbers you are rolling. In no circumstances is a player allowed to move a checker backward.

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