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The second, though, is the Rivatuner Statistics Server, or RTSS for friends. This powerful piece of kit is evenmore niche than XTU, and won’t be nearly as useful in most cases. When push comes to shove and you encounter certain game optimization issues, though, you’re absolutely going to want to have RTSS at the ready. By supplying your CPU/GPU with less electricity than the default, you greatly reduce their heat output. Less heat means less throttling, which leads to better performance at maximum stress.

Many of the repairs to our pipes are on public roads and pavements. Given the current restrictions and guidance, we’re taking extra precautions when doing this work to ensure social distancing and to protect both our key workers and members of the public, which means the work takes extra time. We’ve also had repair teams self-isolating, which has had an impact on the number of leaks we’ve been able to fix. We fixed 4,405 leaks in January 2021, a 31% increase on December. Throughout the year, Covid-19 restrictions have continued to have an impact on our ability to fix as many leaks as we had planned to. This spike in visible leaks and burst mains means our leakage performance is now adverse to where we expected it to be. Without this impact we estimate that leakage would have been in-line with our forecast levels.

Once you complete the steps, Windows 10 will roll back to the previous version when the webcam worked correctly. Under the “Go back to a previous version of Windows 10” section, click the Get started button. If the problem appeared after installing a system update, you could remove the update to get the camera working quickly. If the webcam no longer works on your computer, use these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue on Windows 10 quickly.

Most of these programs have a free version available that delivers pretty good results, locating the corrupted files, then recovering and repairing them if they can. Depending on your specific file recovery needs, there are plenty more applications to choose from, both paid and free. Start with the free version to see how deep your issues really are, and go from there. You will find that even files that you have written off completely, such as those that have been accidentally erased from a hard drive, removable drive or other storage device might be recoverable. If shown, tick the ‘Delete the driver software for this device’ option and click OK.

Nvidia Drivers Provided By The Ubuntu Repositories

I would like to submit another issue with HG2 performance that is blocking in my case. This one’s going to focus on memory consumption, which is another important factor to consider here.

Open up your Apps & Features section in Windows menu and go through whatever you don’t need. To get maximum FPS possible, you need to consider switching some options around in your graphics card settings. These should be labelled similar on both NVIDIA and AMD systems, although we are going to use NVIDIA control panel in this example. If you don’t know about it already, you will have a nice surprise. These are all the temporary files that could possibly take up precious gigabytes of data on your drives. You should have your PC set to maximum performance while gaming.

Does The Sound Disappear And Then Strangely Come Back Normal After A System Restart?

Although it certainly is enough to at least be a factor of interest that this is the only game that gave consistently better results across all tests. Starting with the first of our gaming tests, as can be seen in the results below, there was very little difference in terms of 1080p and 1440p testing. That being said though, a definite improvement in performance was seen in 4K.

We’re continuing to closely monitor official guidance and review our plans quarterly so that we can adapt as official guidance changes. This is a key area of focus for our Executive Team and our Board.

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