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Just root your smartphone or tablet to unlock its hidden potential. Contact us, and we’ll help you with rooting/ jailbreaking your Android device. With the root access, Servicely can disable or enable any services. It comes in handy especially for the services that tend to auto-restart or keep your device awake. Auto Pilot Mode turns on the airplane mode when a cellular signal gets weaker and drops below the threshold. Note, the app requires root access to automatically launch the airplane mode.

Servicely promises to save battery power by stopping services that run in the background. A ton of process keeps running in normal use of android and many if them syncing back to the different servers. With Servicely you can disable/enable permanently any service or select apps to sleep as soon as the display goes off.

Call Someone From Your Apple Watch

It consists of power management modes, one-touch controls as well as features that enhance the speed of battery charging. As the name implies Battery Saver is a battery saving app for Android that serves dual purpose. Having it installed on your smartphone saves battery as well as helps in charging the battery at a high speed.

For the mid-to-high range flagship we brought the Kirin-powered Huawei P9 to play. And lastly, on the highest end of the spectrum, there was the Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. He is passionate about technology with a specific focus on smartphones. When he isn’t testing a new tech product, Ubaid can be found traveling. Apart from that, AtomicCleaner does a pretty good job of organizing contacts.

How To Set Up Battery Saver Mode On Android Phone

Every lithium-ion battery comes with a fixed amount of charge cycles . An iPhone has a lifespan of about 400 to 500 charge cycles. But that doesn’t mean you can only plug it in 500 times—it means you have 500 chances to let it go from a full charge to no charge at all Download Battery Saver APK for Android. So, if you let your battery drain completely every day, it will last 500 days.

  • This is also a piece of popular laptop battery saver software because it can reduce power consumption to 30%.
  • Screen Display and the brightness is the major part that consuming the battery power.
  • Most of the times it continues running in the background.
  • With root access on your device, you can also install apps that can improve your system’s performance.
  • Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, says there’s just no need to quit your apps to save battery life.

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