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In this article, we are sharing the 10 Best KLWP Themes that you should try if you want to customize the home screen of your device. Most of the themes in the list are Paid because you don’t get so many customization options in most of the free themes. Some wallpapers will continue to loop until you stop them.

Rainmeter allows you to display customizable skins on your desktop, the scope of this being vast and the only limiting factor, your imagination and creativity. The good thing is the included widgets still work perfectly and they include things like a clock, a digital timer, a battery level indicator for laptops and a few others. Yahoo Widgets is another alternative to the above-mentioned desktop gadgets. The only issue is that the Yahoo Widgets software was discontinued, so you can’t download alternative widgets online anymore. Once you have customized the clock to your liking, simply drag the gadget from the menu anywhere on your desktop and now you have an awesome clock displayed on your desktop at all times. Next to the clock you are able to press the ‘Options’ button in order to customize the clock to your liking and also set the preferred time zone.

Theme Screenshot

To automatically change the wallpaper, install the app and open it. You’ll see two boxes at the top showing the wallpaper that is currently set for both the “Home screen” and the “Lock screen“. To select the time of day you want the wallpaper to change, tap the “Time” option on the “Event” box. Then, tap the hour in the green pane and tap the hour you want on the clock in the white pane.

  • It is super expensive, but this wallpaper is free for you to stare at.
  • In order to use this clock on your Windows 10 desktop, simply double-click the .ini file and you should immediately see the clock appear on your desktop.
  • The MIUI 12 ROM comes with some exciting new features.
  • This one is probably one of the unique KLWP Themes out there on the Play Store.
  • If you have not done that yet then you can try this method to instantly unlock the bootloader.
  • final Cursor managedQuery(Uri uri, String[] projection, String selection, String[] selectionArgs, String sortOrder) This method was deprecated in API level 15.

A list will pop up to select the backup destination. You can choose any destination from the list without having to worry about the process. WELCOME TO THE HOME DEPOTIn order to ensure that you have a great shopping experience please select from the sites below.


The logical parent is named in the application’s manifest by the parentActivityName attribute. Activity subclasses may override this method to modify the Intent returned by super.getParentActivityIntent() or to implement a different mechanism of retrieving the parent APK To Apps intent entirely. Return the number of actions that will be displayed in the picture-in-picture UI when the user interacts with the activity currently in picture-in-picture mode. This number may change if the global configuration changes (ie. if the device is plugged into an external display), but will always be at least three. Returns class name for this activity with the package prefix removed. This is the default name used to read and write settings.

Now in the age of smartphone technology, the clock app also becomes more evolved and modern. There are many clock apps for Android available in the market. The main purpose of all the clock apps is the same though certain features distinguish each other. If you are that one person who cares about how your phone screen looks, then may I have your attention? Download Super wallpaper APK File for Android for free and install it on your smartphone. Super Wallpaper APK is the best tool to customize your Android appearance.

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