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This extension removes all the navigation and commercials from the page when you print, optimizing them for reading. And of course, it can save them direct to PDF if you prefer. Bulk download images on a single webpage with this extension. It will display all the images, and you can specify which ones you want before the download starts. Hover Zoom+There are a lot of thumbnail images on sites like Google Images, Instagram, deviantART, and social networks. This extension shows you the full-size image when you hover your mouse over any tiny thumbnail, assuming there is a larger image available. This is an open-source version of the original HoverZoom .

There are many timers out there to help, but Forest is unique. As it counts down, it grows an animated tree as long as you refrain from visiting sites you’ve blocked . By the end of the day, you could have a whole forest. This extension works with scripts you download fromuserstyles.orgto transform the look of websites.

Heed This Google Chrome Warning: Do Not Activate Any Of These 500 Extensions

It works best if you’re on your campus network, but can be configured to work anywhere, as long as your school library gives you credentials. Ever wanted to check your email but didn’t feel like expending the extra energy to open a new tab? The best extension for users of multiple Gmail accounts—I’ve got three! It gives you fast access via a drop-down menu in Chrome, desktop notifications, color coding, even voice input for writing messages.

There are thousands of theme scripts that can help you improve your browsing on Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Google, Twitter, and elsewhere. And then you’re stuck wasting ink printing advertisements.

How To Download Adobe Flash Player

It works for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway Online, all without having the full office suite software installed at all. All the messages sent and received, even with pictures and video, are synced, as long as you have an Android phone with the MightyText app installed. There’s an extension specifically toget MightyText messages in Facebook or Gmail, too. The Pomodoro technique is meant to make you work 25 minutes, break for five, then start it all again to increase productivity.

Google Scholaris a search engine from Google that is limited to scholarly articles and case law. This extension puts it into a drop-down menu on Chrome. It also makes it easy to transfer your web search into a scholar search.

  • You also can use the ISO to burn Windows 10 to a DVD, if you please — in that case, skip ahead to step 4.
  • If you’re running Windows 8 or newer, you can upgrade your PC or laptop to Windows 10 by mounting the ISO file you just downloaded — double-click it.
  • You can use other software to burn your ISO, but the built-in software is simple enough to use.
  • Windows will display the ISO as though it is a DVD drive.
  • Doing so will save a file that you can click later to upgrade your PC to Windows 10.

Google’s voicemail-plus-call-around-number service is still useful, and can be plugged right into your browser. This extension offers on-the-fly access to your voicemail messages and SMS texts , plus you can initiate VoIP calls right in the browser. It makes every phone number you see on a website clickable Crunchyroll for Windows 10 for calling (either explicitly or via a right-click menu).

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