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Anyone who has a little experience using animation software — even total newbies — will be able to tell at a glance what they can do with the software. Toon Boom is the premier name in2d animation software, whose products are used in companies likeDisney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Toon Boom is the most creative and advanced 2d animation software used in the industry. Opentoonz is another open source, free 2D animation software. This one was used by Studio Ghibli to make the world famous Princess Mononoke, and it’s quite powerful.


The “open source” part means that you can download it for free to try it and, if you like it, you can use it as long as you want. The toolset has a lot of features that you can find in the more professional software on the market. 2D animation without actual animation, that’s Stop Motion Studio.

Example brushes include watercolor, pencil and felt tips. Layers are also useful in helping you design the perfect visual style. Advanced programs will help you add effects to various layers that can be altered independently of the other layers. Stopmotion Studio uses onion skinning to help you place your characters in the correct locations, which is a feature most advanced programs use. Since this program expects you to use physical options in your animations, it doesn’t include drawing or bone rigging tools. The program uses bone rigging to allow your characters to move in a realistic fashion.

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It allows you to create unique textures and effects for the characters. Blender is a 2D computer graphics xpadder free software application for developing visual effects, animated movies, games, and more. Following is a handpicked list of Top 2D Animation Software and tools, with its popular features and website links. The list contains both open source and commercial vector animation software. Unlike PAP 4.0 later on this list, Pencil 2D will let you create your compositions in color, with a pencil, pen and brush tools.

The program allows you to create beautiful stop-motion animations easily and quickly, without complicated software or previous knowledge. You can plug your DSLR and take the pictures with the program, taking full control of all the settings in the camera. Also, you can add text, themes, colors, and drawings to your stop motion animation. The Stop Motion Studio is available for Mac and Windows.

For creating 2D animation of any kind, Flash and FlipBook should be the very first two programs you consider. DigiCel’s FlipBook animation software does it all, from scanning to digital painting to mattes to lighting and any other novice or veteran trick you might need. If you’re a 2D animator who wants minimal computer involvement, then FlipBook is a must. The tools you use to create your characters can give them added depth. Some programs come with a variety of brush types to help you find the right style to match your visions.

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3D animation stands for three-dimensional animation, meaning characters and backgrounds in these types of projects are created in a three-dimensional space. 3D Animation Tools help you to create models, backgrounds, storyboards and apply effects. You can use these tools to animate characters for commercials, movies, and television. Moho Pro tool is a 2D animation system that combines animation technology with professional tools.

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