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It doesn’t seem the clock tower is in working position. Clues will be there if Brian successfully manages to run the clock. At the start, you find two toothed wheels below the clock tower, and your goal is to place them in their proper place to start the clock correctly. You are invited to a painting house, where people are searching for a real painter. Three Braindom 2 Who is Lying download for android mobile apk persons are standing over there, such as David, Mary, and Jennifer.

Level 4

Brainwash the way you think – solve brain tests, fun picture puzzles and IQ games, all while having a fun time. This riddles game is not too complex, not too easy, but will give you a challenge. The best riddles engage your natural problem-solving skills and make you laugh along the levels. Braindom 2 for Android is a braindom game specially designed to be fully-featured riddles game. Riddles Master Mind Game, you can train your brain with various tricky puzzle games, by challenging the brain across numerous riddles and teasers.

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Braindom 2 Level 274 Who Is Lying Answers Puzzle And Solution

You will encounter enemies that appear very crowded and they have a lot of weapons. Just watch you, dodge the opponent’s bullets. Shoot well and hide when they attack fiercely. Mix and shoot a lot to destroy these evil gangs.

  • These levels in particular were 50, 77, and 78.
  • Your right answer will be the third image between the first two.
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  • To use our Braindom help tool, enter either part of a question, or the entire question, exactly as it’s spelled in the game.
  • You literally spend 6X the amount of time watching ads than solving riddles and that should be absolutely unacceptable.
  • There is no doubt that it will force players to lose their precious minds.

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