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praised by being quick, nimble, intuitive and easy to use. Basically, all you should do after signing up is to toggle the time clock and start working.

Including clips from popular news shows and interviews with business leaders. The Firstrade stock trading app allows you to manage your portfolio seamlessly, you can trade stocks, options, and ETF’s commission-free directly from your phone. TradingView, of course, does have an app on the Play Store with a 4 Star Rating. Slowly but surely the world’s internet users are using their smartphones rather than desktop machines or even tablets. The younger generation is nearly exclusively using their phones.

Top 10: Best Productivity Apps

Mint lets you create a budget in a few steps, and it even sends you alerts when bills need to be paid or you’re getting dangerously close to your budget limit. Sign up to get FREE access to Soda PDF Anywhere’s Create and Convert features on Desktop and Online. Create an account with this email to access your product. Men’s Journal has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Gain insight into your sources of income by classifying them into product or project-based revenue. Modules dedicated to product sales and project tracking make keeping track of revenue-generating instruments a breeze. Set reminders for future payments, earmark income that’s pending taxation, and designate interest rates for each category, from right within the app.

The time management and relaxation which this app offer enables you to achieve more in less time under the best atmosphere. 30/30 from Binary Hammer is a task manager which notifies you of countless number of tasks. The simple tool allows you to work for 30 minutes on a single activity without distractions. It records higher levels of productivity daily using videos that prompt you.

  • You have the ability to set thresholds and alert criteria to receive your notifications, so you have the flexibility to decide when (and how!) you want to be alerted.
  • Toggl is known for its clean and simple interface, which sets it apart from other time-tracking tools and makes it really easy and intuitive for users.
  • No more reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses or reporting deadlines.
  • Create and send invoices and estimates, track time and expenses and accept online payments.

With it, you can access multiple devices with bank-level security, create unlimited budgets, track transactions against your budget, and connect to your bank for faster expense monitoring. If you’re looking for a mobile financial app that does budgeting, and only budgeting, Wally is your man. The app does what APK Load – Download App APKs for Android good budget apps do – balancing your income and expenses and giving you a glimpse of where your money goes and why.

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You may want to look for desktop support, especially if you like sitting at a desk and analyzing your transactions at leisure on a large screen. Billing itself as an alternative to Quicken sets a high bar for AceMoney Lite, but it’s a target it manages to reach, even in its free, cut-down iteration.

Productivity app

Descript is another transcribing app with audio word processing and web publishing functions. It’s a useful tool for those who conduct regular interviews, want accurate quotes from their subjects, and hope to share their audio with listeners online. This is a great option for those times that require you to take in a lot of information both efficiently and accurately. Otter is a note-taking app that combines audio, speaker identification, and transcription.

Protect your loved ones – and your budget – with flexible, no-hassle term life insurance. Please tell us where you bank so we can provide you with customized product information.

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