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User-friendly and designed to work seamlessly across all your Apple devices, iMovie makes it easy to turn your home videos into polished films. While it may lack the sophistication of other, more advanced software, iMovie for Mac is a great choice for first-time video editors and would-be home movie directors. Apple just refuses to leave well enough alone when it comes to their software.

  • It can’t be easy for them to get thrown into this situation and have to make the best of it for their students.
  • Open the program and click «File,» then «Add Video File» to select a WMV file for conversion.
  • Don’t take more than 8 mg per day.Dosage should be based on weight.
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Also, as with all types of medicines, don’t use them without consulting your vet. If you’re going for chews, you might want to opt for a 2 mg chew, tablet or caplet. If you’re thinking, how much is Imodium required for a 40 lbs dog, the answer would be a 2 mg chew or roughly 20 mL of liquid Imodium.

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It’s the intensity of the confrontations and what the kids say to me that causes this. I know I’m doing the kids a disservice by not being able to handle the core of constantly disruptive kids. I know with the right teacher, they will be able to get amazing stuff out of these kids. I feel like I’m failing the lead teacher because I don’t know if my presence helps or hurts. This time around, I’m a support teacher in collaborative classrooms, which I thought would be easier, but, boy was I wrong.

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So next time you see someone buying unusually large amounts of Imodium, don’t assume that he or she just has a lot of diarrhea or really likes constipation. There’s a childhood song that goes «diarrhea’s going to get ya.» The same may be said about certain anti-diarrhea medications, when taken in excess. I use 10mg of Imodium per day to treat my severe IBS-D. On days where it seems nothing will control it, I also take Lomotil. The combination of those two meds seems to work great. I just cannot take them both at the same time as it will cause stomach problems for me.

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