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To learn with English language is to learn with its words. By letting yourself know more about its complex words, you are also letting yourself expand your vocabulary. Understanding the context of the story is part of the process to learn with English.

  • Tests are a great way to check the performance level and analyze to what extent they have learnt.
  • Thanks a lot for theses rules .I enjoy it & hope to receice your lessons.
  • Download the Android or iPhoneversion and test it out.
  • It helped me to improve my english speaking and change the point of view on it’s process.

Most lessons contain clickable sentences that you can click to listen to a native English speaker say that sentence. Each lesson page also has a self record tool. You can record your own voice reading that sentence and compare it with the audio file from the native English speaker. If you are someone who is highly intrigued and amused by Indian culture and its languages then, you shouldn’t give Language Curry a miss. Language Curry is free to download iOS App that helps you in learning different Indian Languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.

Why Use Whatsapp To Learn English

For beginning to advanced English learners, this app features a podcast for ESL students. Each podcast episode can be translated to native language and comes with a detailed learning guide. You can socialize and comment with other students to discuss the episodes. Timmy and his friends Ruffy and Otus from the TV series Timmy Time are back in our English language learning app! In Timmy’s Learning New Skills, we bring you more games to challenge your child’s cognitive skills and help language development.

I think, this is a useful system to learn english and students will get a lot of benefit. You’re really great, and I’m sure lots of people are greatful for what you’ve done. Dear all great teachers, I do thank you for 7 rules you have teached us. It’s getting easier for me to speak English now.

Great Free Android Apps For English Language Learners

How about having an app that sets you up with another English learner, to start a voice chat and improve your IELTS speaking skills? IELTS Speaking,the free learn English app, is going to be your best companion when it comes to learning English with a proven method. Simply download this Talk English app for, wait for another learner to come online and start talking to each other. It helps you both to have a high-quality English conversation, and after a while, you’ll noticeably see the changes and see this article improvements. You are looking to speak fluent English faster, improve your pronunciation and speak like a native English speaker.

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