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  • The From value is also received, which is the user’s phone number.
  • Arizona officials never initiated criminal proceedings in state Urban Dictionary court against those responsible for the deportation of workers and their lost wages and other losses.
  • The senatorial candidate has been an outspoken advocate for the rights of Native Americans, but some within the community have labeled him an apple for being too entrenched in white politics and business.
  • The word “emo,” for instance, currently has more than 1,100 definitions — including “Like a Goth, only much less dark and much more Harry Potter,” (definition No. 3) and “sensitive music and the kids that cry while listening to it” (No. 1,122).
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Build An Urban Dictionary Chatbot In Php With Bref And The Twilio Api For Whatsapp

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It can also be used for someone considered undesirable in some way. Later, she said, «As our young people say, get woke,» though she changed it to «stay woke» after a few in the audience told her that’s really how young people say it. After Trayvon Martin, a young unarmed black man, was shot dead in February 2012, many in the black community issued calls tostay woketo the discrimination and injustice black people face in the US, particularly in the form of police brutality. By combining the Urban Dictionary API and the Twilio API for WhatsApp, we have found a way to easily stay updated with the newest internet slang. You can make further improvements like improving the conversation flow with AI using Twilio Autopilot.

Groups That Oppose Sprawl

’ So if you are in the position that I was in, look no further than here because girl, I feel you. Of all the things one can make from apples, surely applesauce is the easiest. You just cook some apples till they’re soft and mushy and sweeten a little. That meaning of applesauce dates to the late 17th century. A few centuries on, the word came to be used to mean «nonsense,» which seems perhaps unfairly disparaging of the sweet soft goodness that is a well-made applesauce.

This Royal Proclamation recognized Indian owned lands and reserved to them all use as their hunting grounds. It also established the process by which the Crown could purchase their lands, and also laid out basic principles to guide the Crown when making treaties with the First Nations. The living standard of indigenous peoples in Canada falls far short of those of the non-indigenous, and they, along with other ‘visible minorities’ remain, as a group, the poorest in Canada. There continue to be barriers to gaining equality with other Canadians of European ancestry. The life expectancy of First Nations people is lower; they have less high school graduates, much higher unemployment rates, nearly double the number of infant deaths and significantly greater contact with law enforcement. Their incomes are lower, they enjoy fewer promotions in the workplace and as a group, the younger members are more likely to work reduced hours or weeks each year.

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