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Google has promoted Chrome 88 to the Beta Channel ahead of a stable release in the early days of 2021. However, it’s much better to opt out of the beta beforehand, which will then stop any Chrome Beta-related notifications on your iPhone or iPad. To do that, open the TestFlight app, select Google Chrome, and then tap Stop Testing. Installing an application beta via TestFlight requires an invitation from the app developer. However, you don’t have to do anything crazy to get a Chrome Beta invite since Google is quite generous when it comes to handing them out.

  • One of the most exciting new features in Chrome OS is the ability to run applications designed for Linux.
  • As with all consumer OSes, you get to replace the desktop wallpaper with any image you like.
  • Your email address will be visible to the developer when you send email feedback through the TestFlight app even if you were invited through a public link.
  • Google Chrome Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, Google Chrome is the most widely used desktop browser in the world.
  • This is something that many mobile users have come to rely on, so it makes sense that we’d see something like this land on the desktop too.

Feature freeze and branch point dates are fixed, but release dates may change depending on the build quality. Chrome is planning to transition to a four week release cycle in Q3 2021; you can read more about the new release cycle here. The information below is still relevant until the new cycle is live, at which point this page will be replaced by the content at the link above.

Get Firefox Browser For Chromebook

It’s mainly intended for inventory management, conferences, museum exhibits, and anywhere else NFC is frequently used. Starting with Chrome 89, the Web NFC API is enabled by default on Android. According to tests run by Computerworld, the Chrome beta, which Google launched yesterday, is the second fastest of the major Windows browsers. Chrome 5.0.375.29 also renders JavaScript about 17% faster than Chrome, the current «stable» edition. Chrome Beta for Android Google simultaneously supports three lines of Chrome, ranked in descending order of stability as its stable, beta and dev channels.

If you want to go back to the stable build of Chrome for iOS, simply search for it on the App Store and then tap Install. If you have the stable version of the browser installed, you will be prompted with a warning about overwriting your data. But provided that you have signed in to your Google Account and synced your bookmarks, passwords, settings, etc., then you don’t have to worry about losing them. Privacy-minded as ever, Apple is quite restrictive about third-parties letting the masses ‘test’ out the beta versions of their apps without having control over the entire process.

A New Flag In Chrome Beta Will Create A Strip Of Favicons At The Bottom Of The Screen

Its V8 JavaScript engine was developed from scratch at Google, and may improve your experience on heavily scripted websites and applications. Essentially, it should make the things you do on the Internet faster. A desktop or Chrome app, compatible with all operating systems. Haystack TV is a personal news channel that lets consumers watch news on any screen, at any time.

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