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To be fair, errors like this are bound to crop up when a company pushes updates for an operating system installed on PCs with wildly varying hardware configurations and capabilities. Microsoft is usually quick with patches to fix some of these issues, but sometimes you need an immediate fix if you pulled the trigger and borked your system. Back at the Update Options screen, you can choose to have Windows restart as soon as possible. You might do this if you’re expecting a critical update and don’t want to wait for it to completely install. To do this, turn on the switch to Restart This Device As Soon As Possible When A Restart Is Required To Install An Update.

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  • Now that you know how to turn off Windows 10 S Mode, check out our list of the best Windows 10 apps for your computer to find out what to download.
  • The annual releases should not be confused with the Windows monthly updates for bug fixes and security enhancements you already receive.

To determine the current version, review the official Microsoft documentation on the latest version of Windows 10. If you have Windows 10’s Pro, Enterprise, or Education edition, use the Local Group Policy Editor method to block the update. On a Windows 10 Home edition, use the Registry Editor method as this edition doesn’t have the Local Group Policy Editor. Now you will be on Services window, where you have to search for and double click on “Windows update”. It will take you to Windows Update Properties. Windows update feature helps you identify and fix various security flaws. Windows 10 Home users will need to enable Group Policy Editor.

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In Windows 10 Pro, you can use the «Local Group Policy Editor» to disable automatic updates permanently, or you can change the Windows Update settings to decide when updates should install. Microsoft has made updates mandatory for Windows 10 users to regularly update their computers. The company has set Windows 10 to automatically receive the new updates by default. In Windows 10, quality updates always download and install automatically as soon as they are ready for your device. While this approach makes sure that every computer/laptop has the latest security patches, operating system updates, performance, and stability improvements.

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You can also speed up the update process by clicking on “Updates from more than one place.” This allows you to use a number of networks to finish downloads more quickly. Now, we will introduce how to keep all services about Windows update running step by step.

If you are having the same problem, you’re in good hands. When logging in to another user for the first time, the system has to wait a while for the customization to take effect. It is enough to wait until the notification hints disappear. The fact is that it allows you to switch from one profile to another without menus and other actions. One problem with it is that it can prevent you from accessing certain files. If you’re having such issues, you should visit our These files can’t be opened error guide for more information.

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