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The entire set for the building of a 4-meter greenhouse 3 sheets of cellular polycarbonate in the kind of rolls of 2.1 m in length and a diameter of 60-90 cm. The depth of this substance is 4 mm.

If you would like, you are able to raise the period of the structure to 6 metres or more. To try it, it is sufficient to join a two-meter extension. When picking a drawing, then pay attention to the distance between the arches. This figure must be 65 cm, which is the most appropriate duration for the specified depth of the substance. The width of the doorways in line with the manufacturer’s drawing is 90 cm.

Before assembling a polycarbonate greenhouse, then it’s important to pick a place because of the place. If this is done properly, it is possible to provide yourself with a harvest of fresh veggies for the entire calendar year.

The place for your upcoming greenhouse is marked instantly in the preparation of this garden plot. So as to melt the snow at the place of the greenhouse as early as possible, the best point on the site is going to be a small elevation. In addition, in this location is not going to have to be concerned about significant humidity as soil and atmosphere in the building.

Assemble a polycarbonate greenhouse on a raised site – intends to look after the best temperature inside.

If it isn’t possible to put a greenhouse on an elevated position, you will have to pour a layer of fine crushed stone around 20 cm and the same layer of fertile soil to create seedbeds.

Before assembling a greenhouse on your backyard plot, you should also think about where and how this structure will be set up. First, you must choose a location for this. The greenhouse ought to be found at a metropolitan region at least a few meters away from houses, barns and other structures.

The best way to install a greenhouse according to the Surfaces of the world

Be sure to level the soil surface – it is ideal to even remove the top layer. This can also get rid of weed seeds. And for ease of work, remove the soil in an area that is about a meter wider on each side of the rectangle that you desire.

It’s also worth thinking about using a foundation. As manufacturers state, now most greenhouses don’t need it, particularly if they (greenhouses) are employed only in the spring and summer time. But, seasoned anglers still suggest earning an elementary foundation from a pub. It’s quite simple – it’s sufficient to connect with each other using metal corners and screws four parts of wood using a cross-section of at least 10 * 10 cm. The size of such a foundation ought to be equal to the foundation of their upcoming greenhouse.

Simple bar foundation

You can also earn a strip base of concrete. He is more dependable than a pub foundation, but requires greater financial and labour expenses. Incidentally, the greenhouse, that is utilised in the winter, without it and do not do with it whatsoever.

Stages of the formation of a strip base: a schematic representation

Many manufacturers advise to install greenhouse structures without even creating a base. For this function, they equip the framework with specific T-shaped legs, so the structure was securely fixed. But, as practice shows, it’s still crucial to build a base: therefore and the foundation will be more securely fixed and also the elements of the foundation that are in touch with the ground, will be stored much longer in its initial state.

The most important issue is to see to the material with special agents to protect the timber from moisture. The material is generally installed on concrete blocks that are dug into the ground. For a six-meter arrangement, they need 10 pieces: four on either side and one in the center of the endings.

Before you do the greenhouse itself, you want to choose the ideal location for this. It has to be an even website, so the framework was found equally, without distortions. It should be sunny and not obscured by trees or buildings.

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